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Associating Serum Iron and Magnesium Levels in Hypertensive and Chronic Periodontitis Patients: Do They have a Link?

Arati C Koregol, TJ Jerin Mary, Shivaraj Warad, Tejaswini Annam, Nitesh Kataria, Nagaraj B Kalburgi

Citation Information : Koregol AC, Mary TJ, Warad S, Annam T, Kataria N, Kalburgi NB. Associating Serum Iron and Magnesium Levels in Hypertensive and Chronic Periodontitis Patients: Do They have a Link?. J Health Sci Res 2017; 8 (2):61-65.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10042-1051

License: CC BY 3.0

Published Online: 01-08-2017

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2017; The Author(s).



Micronutrients have been extensively studied in recent years; of these magnesium and iron are essential for a variety of physiologic functions. Activation of neutrophils is an early effect of hypomagnesemia, which, in turn, causes periodontal tissue destruction. Since magnesium also influences blood pressure regulation by vascular tone and reactivity, its altered levels could contribute to the pathophysiology of hypertension. Iron plays a key role in the formation of reactive oxygen species that causes peroxidative damage to tissues.

Aims and objectives

The present study is designed to estimate the levels of serum iron and magnesium in healthy, chronic periodontitis patients with and without hypertension.

Materials and methods

This study includes 90 subjects, age ranging from 18 to 65 years. They were categorized into three groups as group I: 30 periodontally healthy, group II: 30 chronic periodontitis, and group III: 30 chronic periodontitis with hypertension. Serum magnesium levels were determined using the modified xylidyl blue reaction method and serum iron levels using ferrozine method without deproteinization via photometry.


Biochemical parameters showed mean serum iron levels in chronic periodontitis (59.17) to be significantly reduced as compared with the control group (76.90) and slightly increased in the chronic periodontitis with hypertension group (69.63). Serum magnesium levels were found to be significantly lower in the hypertensive group as compared with the chronic periodontitis and control groups.


Iron and magnesium have a link in the pathophysiology of periodontitis. Serum iron and serum magnesium levels were closely linked to periodontitis and hypertension.

How to cite this article

Kalburgi NB, Koregol AC, Mary TJJ, Warad S, Annam T, Kataria N. Associating Serum Iron and Magnesium Levels in Hypertensive and Chronic Periodontitis Patients: Do They have a Link? J Health Sci Res 2017;8(2):61-65.

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